Three years ago, my great-aunt Irene gave me her 1985 blue Buick Century. Two weeks after I got it, I embarked on a month-long, 6,000+ mile cross country road trip from Massachusetts to Oregon. Since then, I have been using this fantastic set of wheels to take me everywhere and anywhere I can imagine; albiet using the slow lane when cruising up hill. In the summer of 2012, my great-aunt passed away. She was a seriously inspirational lady to me, remembering every cousin’s, grand-cousin’s, niece’s, nephew’s, friend’s kid’s birthday/anniversary etc. and everything else in between. She was a hub of connectivity, calling me every so often to make I was happy, doing well in school, and always making sure I was eating well (it was a mandatory part of the conversation). She was never married and ended up living next door to her best friend for decades until finally having to move to a nursing home for a year before she passed.

Three days after driving with my sister from Portland, through the redwoods, to Tahoe, Mammoth and finally Salt Lake City, the engine went out on a drive over to Park City to hang out with my friend Madison. Since then I’ve had to acknoledge the fact that $1500-2000 is not a logical amount of money to spend on a car and that she had had her last adventure. The awesome road trips I had with that car have only inspiried me to keep going, and so even though Old Irene has had her time, I’m gonna keep traveling around anywhere I can and meeting as many awesome people along the way as possible. I’m taking the inspiration I gained from that old Buick and channeling in to future travels. Thanks for checking this out and I hope you enjoy reading!


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