Car Crash

I got hit by a car today. It was scary. In a way I haven’t been scared in a long time- in that way where your body simeotaneosly takes over and shuts down, and nothing you can try to do or think will calm you until your body decides it’s time to be calm. 
I was at an intersection downtown. Me on a two-way street with a stop, the road in front of me a one way with no stops, running north to south. 
I stopped. I looked. I put my car in first gear and began to move forward, then- SHIT– cut right, brake hard, watch in slooow motion as the on coming car approaches my side of the car. It won’t hit. It will hit. Here it comes. Hit. Car stops moving. Hit flashers. I’m fine. Get out of car. 
Except suddenly I’m not fine, and three fireman, two witnesses and the guy who hit me are all around. I’m breathing heavy and shallow. I start to talk and realize I’m about to cry. Shit. Sit down. Someone asks if I can move my car, and I ask if he can drive stick, because I cannot get in that car right now. He obliges. 
Later that day I get a call from my insurance, where they inform me the accidet would be my fault. No. No way. That guy in the 2011 Honda was flying down 2nd, and if I hadn’t cut so hard to the right he would have nailed me directly in the drives side door. No. I am a good driver. He was speeding. He hit me. He broke a single headlight. The side of my car has a car-sized indent in it. No. 
They took a statement and are processing the claim. Nothing has been sorted yet. I’m glad I’m ok. 
Poor Stanley*.
*Stanley is my 2002 Mazda. 


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