Lifelong Fitness- A Path That’s Hard to Stay On

Being an athlete means a lot of things.

Surprisingly, when you are an athlete, you sometimes take these things for granted. I know I did (and still do). Persistence, determination, and the pig-headed stubbornness that keeps you going back for more after you beat your body to it’s limit.

This is a good and bad trait to have. It keeps you working at things that most other people woul give up on, but it also means you can accidentally push yourself past the point you should– potentially injuring yourself because you couldn’t deal with giving up.

That’s where I’m at.

I’ve had several injuries that I’ve denied acknowledgement for YEARS now, and they stubbornly haven’t gone away. Finally, I turned to a sports physical therapist(the regular PT’s are not so great- I’ll probably end up writing another post about that later this month) and have begun accepting and dealing with this injury. I was really excited to get exercises and stretches that would improve the strength and mobility of my arm! Things were looking up, I wouldn’t be a cripple at 45. But then I asked about climbing. My sports PT fixed me a look that said, “are you fucking kidding me?” and told me I DEFINITELY should not get back into climbing right now. “You can’t stabilize your arm while raised, you should NOT go climbing.” Well. That’s rather straight-forward.

The funny thing about this was I still want to go climbing. I hear what she’s saying, I understand it and I get why it would be dumb and counter-productive for me to get back into climbing. But that’s what I want  to do, and when I want to do something like that (and the only thing stopping me is someone saying I shouldn’t) it’s hard for me to keep from doing it. I won’t this time though. I’m going to stay the course and heal myself before I get into the next thing.


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