Rupert: The Traveling Succulent

He was a succulent ready to log some miles.

Rupert is a traveling connoisseur.
First picked up by Jenna Kuklinski at Fred Meyer in Sandy, OR, Rupert has lived a life of excitement. As soon as Rupert was placed in the front cup-holder of Jenna’s car (and he fit!) it was confirmed- he was succulent ready to log some miles. Rupert moved into his first house with relative ease, standing watch simotaneously over the living-room inside and the road outside the mountain home. He quickly made friends with the hundreds of Santas that occupied the rental home and would regularly be caught sharing a fresh-cracked walnut or two with formidable-jawed nordic nut-cracker santa (who lived across the room).

Rupert the succulent enjoys a morning drink at his favorite place on the window sill.
Rupert the succulent enjoys a morning drink at his favorite place on the window sill.

This small blue-potted succulent was adjusting quite well to a life in the snowy summer mountains. So well, in fact, that when Jenna moved out he opted to stay a while longer in the quaint abode. Jenna was not so pleased with this surprise decision and worked her very hardest to retrieve him from Klaus-land, finally getting him back after a week or two.

With Rupert once again securely coddled in the front cup-holder, the pair was off on another grand adventure. By this point, Rupert had gained other human friends (all through Jenna of course, the language barrier seems to be his biggest hurdle to still overcome) and Jenna was regularly updating them on all of his milestones. “First new set of buds! Second road trip ever! First haircut in our new home!” Everyone loved getting these fascinating photographs, and Jenna was adamant about keeping everyone informed and updated on her incredible bundle of joy (just like a real Facebook parent would be).

In his second home, Rupert made his first canine acquaintance. This dog was a rowdy husky pup, and Rupert was glad for his lofty window-side shelf that kept him high above the energetic dog. There were no strong-jawed Santas at this second home, but the room he occupied was larger and brighter, so Rupert adjusted well to the new environment.

Jenna’s roommates were different from the last people he’d lived with in that they seemed to pay Rupert no attention whatsoever.  So, he decided this would be a fine time to focus all his energy on growth. Which he did, gaining a stagger two inches in height over just a few months! Rupert says the sun-rays were slightly more filling in this new location, which may or may not have had anything to do with his growth spurt.

The most recent move Rupert has made was up north into a large, large home. Jenna didn’t realize prior to her move, but she and Rupert were about to live in an indoor vegetative sanctuary! Plants on the shelves, plants at the windows, plants at the sink– plants hanging from the ceiling and plants settled on top of speakers. They were everywhere! Rupert shivered with excitement at the possibility of making friends with all these new flora and was thrilled to be placed among fellow succulents above the kitchen sink. The sun in this spot was the shiniest and conversation with his new sill-mates was riveting. They could talk about anything!

Rupert shared his stories of far-off travels with his well-rooted fellows. They gazed at him with wide eyes and dreamy looks, wondering if one day they would be up for such an adventure as his.

While Rupert revels in relating his stories, he feels content with his new home. For the first time in a long while, he feels no immediate urge to rush off into the next adventure. He feels that perhaps rooting down for a while might be nice.

Jenna agrees.

Rupert with his new friends discussing the merits of pure versus filtered sunshine.
Rupert with his new friends discussing the merits of pure versus filtered sunshine.

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