The other day, my friend Trevor jokingly asked me, “How many jobs have you had in the last two years?”

I laughed at first. Then, when the conversation died down, I really thought about it. And this is what I realized: I’ve had 11 jobs in the past two years, holding three jobs at the most (several times). I’ve put my foot through the doorway of a lot of places.

I’m going to attribute this to my need to always feel like I’m progressing, my desire to do, “Everything-All-At-Once,” and the fact that I haven’t had a solid boyfriend in years. It’s amazing how much time you have to fill during the day when it’s just you, yourself and.. you.

It’s part of my reputation now. When the topic of jobs comes up, and I mention something like, “Oh yeah, I had to deal with lame people like that when I was a telemarketer for PSU”, or, “I have this crazy story from that time I was a teaching a group of blind people how to kayak,” or maybe, “One time they got me to dress up like a blueberry for blueberry week and people asked to take pictures with me,” it never surprises anyone. I have stories of personal experience for any occasion. And really, that’s what I want. I love stories, and I love telling stories. So the more that I have, the more i can share and the better I can relate to others in order to understand their stories. I don’t feel like I’ve worked too many jobs, I think I’ve had just enough.

What I can say is that I’m ready to move on from this phase. I don’t think I’ve been fully ready to get over this until a few months ago, but the desire to have something consistent and sustained is grabbing ahold of me and not letting go. Which is great. It’s going to help me continue to build up my bank of stories so I can keep sharing with others (and learning from them).