American Sunday Drivers

Elisabeth and I have a new tradition where we live out the dreams of true, American Sunday Drivers. Our tradition began just last week, with a trip out to Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast. In typical Oregon fashion, the weather prediction called for a mix of sunshine and torrential downpour. We got lucky and hit the sunny windows, snapping some lovely photos down on the beach at Hug Point and Ecola State Park.


This week we wanted to get back out for some more Sunday driving, and so after Elisabeth saw her mom off (she was visiting from Eugene) we met me at my house and set off for Seaside.

Fog blanketed all of Portland, encasing us in a thick cloud soup as we made our way out of town. The further away we got, the more sun we saw peaking out from under the shrouds. About half-way out to Seaside Elisabeth spotted a valley still partially encased in fog. It was moving up the hillside, slowly burning off as the noon sun beat down on it. We quickly opted to make a U-turn and found the perfect pull-out to capture a snapshot. The trees were only just visible through the low cloud which made it an amazing place for a few photos.


After we left the valley view point, the fog had almost completely burned off. Lucky for us, it was clear driving all the way to Seaside. We rolled into town, hungry and anxious to get another good collection of coastal photos. What Elisabeth and I quickly realized, however, is that Seaside is not the town we thought it was. Neither one of us was familiar with the area, and we were shocked by the amount of beachside-tourist traps and Elephant Ear shops. Neither one of us particularly wanted to stick around and hunt for a parking spot, so we turned around and (our second good turn-around choice of the day) and pointed the car south to Cannon Beach.

Driving into Cannon was quiet. It was calm, and sunny and there were no store fronts that boasted, “ARCADE INSIDE!!!” Cannon is still a coastal tourist town, but it’s about as touristy as I can ever happily handle. We were glad to have booked it out of Seaside. They can keep their swing-sets-on-the-beaches and leave me with the plain-old “sand and salt water” coast.

IMG_9898 IMG_9897 IMG_9899 IMG_9913 IMG_9903


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