Elisabeth and I Get Ready for the Coast

Today, my friend Elisabeth and I are going to Hug Point State Park in order to snap some stormy beach photos. It’s gonna be a little bit rough, and I’m sure it’s going to get wild, but we’re stocking up on some coffee before we set out so I think we’re going to be fine.

I looked at my favorite weather resource site, and it told me we had 90% chance of rain around noon and 100% chance of rain until sundown. Then I went to weather.com, and they told me it was merely a “23% chance of rain”

I hate to betray my favorites, but I’m hoping weather.com comes out on top today.

Elisabeth and I have traveled together before, on a road trip from SLC to Portland, via San Francisco. Apart from the fact I ended up driving the entire time (She didn’t learn how to drive stick before she joined me in SLC…) the trip together was really fun. We stopped at the Great Salt Lake (which was flooded at the time), visited the highest point in SF, gazed at the Golden Gate Bridge and camped out in the Red Woods for a night. We also met a really funny old hippy that sold dried salmon on the side of the road and told us jokes about “Shit hooks.”

I’m looking forward to getting out of town. I’ve been struggling lately with money and so been staying really close to home in an effort not to spend it. A photography day-trip to the coast, however, sounds like an inexpensive and wonderful getaway.

Happy Sunday ❤


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