Merry Christmas. Wait- it’s Christmas?

Christmas never feels like Christmas to me anymore. I keep chugging along in my daily life, (I know that it’s winter) and then one day somebody proclaims, “It’s Christmas!”. It’s always stressful. It’s always hectic. I come back home for a period of time and it’s one large whirlwind of relatives, car-rides and get-togethers, then I’m shipped back off in a plane to go home with leftovers.

Part of what creates this dis-jointed atmosphere is the fact that my parents are not only divorced, but they don’t speak to each other much and they’ve both found new spouses to spend the rest of their lives with. These ingredients come to form a situation in which I require twice as much time to get all of my holiday visits accomplished and yet still have to work within the same vacation periods. Sure is neat.

What I’m looking forward to is next year. Next year, when I will make enough money to be able to afford a rental car when I come home. Maybe I’ll even have a significant other who I can drag through the trenches with me. We’ll withstand the hectic-ness that comes along with “the holidays” together. My sister and I (thankfully) have each other to lean on this time, but who knows if we’ll both make it back together next year.


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