Last Night’s Dream: 10/28/14

[Obviously, it’s November and this wasn’t technically, “last night’s dream,” but it was at the time that I wrote it, and I’m finally now getting around to posting it. Enjoy!]

I didn’t remember my dream until a few moments ago, when I stepped on some hard scrap of something at the bottom of the basement stairs. Immediately, my memory jolted back to it’s sleeping stimulations and I remembered.

I arrived at the concert festival location in good time. Camp was at the bottom of a canyon, and we drove our worn, white hummer-jeep hybrid all the way to the bottom. My frist encounter was with my ex-boyfriend and fest-y fanatic, Nate. I wasn’t there to see Nate, however, and I was trying to keep the encounter brief. He was nice and cheerful as always, but I knew he was also very high on something that he wanted me to try as well.

I moved on to the upper arena- this place was more built up and modernized, less like a fugitive camp and more like a VIP area. I saw my friends Chris and Tyler (the ones who had invited me out) and leapt from my car to give them a big hug. After greeting Chris, however, he told me I should be wearing shoes- there was tons of broken glass littered throughout the beach sand we were standing in. Sure enough, I look down at my left foot and see a gash across the inside of my heel. I feel the warm blood pulsing out of it and realize I need a bandage. I need stitches, the cut is deep.

My mom has wrappings and we wander around together, me somehow elevating my foot in the process, looking for the emergency room. We find it, but can’t find the way up to the front desk. I get on a service elevator and ride it up to the correct floor. I find a desk and ask to see a doctor, my foot is still bleeding and the consistency of my blood has now become something similar to ketchup, slowly burbling out of my bandaged heel.

She assures us that I will be seen soon. I know I need to get stitches NOW. I feel that I had to have lost a significant amount of blood. I wander around what is supposed to be the waiting room but is also somehow still part of the event space.

I wake up.


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