Weather: Baby it’s… Warm Outside?

No, not quite yet. According to my trusty weather app, the temperature is still hanging at a solid 32 degrees. I woke up this morning to a crystalized collection of icicles strung from every corner of the house and on each tip of a leaf outside. I love it! It’s reminding me of New England again.


And now the sun is poking through, and from each iced-over item it illuminates, there springs a steady stream of droplets. The ice is melting. It truly reminds you how powerful the sun is when you see something as simple as a shadow keeping one half of a bush frozen, while the other half is melting faster than the arctic ice caps (sorry, bad joke there).

People use conversations about weather to fill the awkward silence that arrises in some conversations. It’s supposedly a ‘filler’ when there’s nothing else for these two people to relate about. I disagree. While sometimes, yes, weather is an easily breach-able common topic for two partial strangers to converse over, it’s also very, very interesting. And it never ends.


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