Weather: Baby, It’s Cold Outside


Crisp, fall days are something I rarely get to experience anymore. Which is sad, because those were some of my favorite times of the year when I was living in Massachusetts. There’s something special about the golden light you get in the morning and afternoon, coupled with the smell of decaying leaves and set against the crisp, bright blue sky. You get to wake up, see the wind outside, know just how brisk and chilly it’s going to be- and have your hands wrapped gratefully about a mug of tea, cozy in a warm house.

I haven’t had that experience in my new home until this morning. It’s cold in Portland right now, damn cold and clear as I’ve ever seen it (in the past six years). Windy too! Yesterday a neighbor’s tree fell over into our yard. I was home at the time and heard something strange, but didn’t realize what the noise had been until later into the evening. I looked out the back door to let Zeppo in and realized a big birch was resting it’s top branches on the roof of our garage. It was a moment where I was glad I didn’t own a house.

“32 degrees in Portland (Feels like 32)“- my Weather Underground app.

My roommate just came back inside to change into warmer clothes for today (he works contrsuction).

Tomorrow we have a “100% chance of precipitation.”

Well, shit Portland. November winter warning?

I’ve only ever known this city to be cold and soggy in the winter. A little icy too, but I can count the number of times I’ve seen actual snow set down on the pavement- three. However, I did miss two big snow storms over the years living here, which I was exceedingly bummed about (and still am).

So, let’s see what you’ve got, Portland Skies! Bring it on! I’ve got more jackets than a goodwill and enough hats to make it logistically impractical for me to put them all on at once. I’m gonna be toasty, Portland. What’ve you got in the works?


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