Discussion: Pain vs. Pleasure

A lot of things we decide to do are wagered on a scale of “Pain vs. Pleasure.” (I’ve been listening to a lot of Freakanomics podcasts lately and I think their economist mindset is infiltrating my mind. Cost/benefit analysis!).

“Beauty Knows No Pain” is a quote that came to mind yesterday when talking with one of my students.

“I don’t want to go outside for recess today.”

“Why not?”

“My shoes get soaked! Look, I stuffed paper towel in here to soak it up.”

Her feet were swaddled inside her golden moccasins with brown paper from the elementary school bathroom.

“You need to get some new shoes for this rainy weather.”

She shrugged. “Yeah.”

The call was made to, “Line up for recess!” and she immediately spun around and sprinted over to her friends gathering up near the wall. Her shoes were soaked when she came back inside. Her dad carried her out to the car when she was picked up.


I have to address this one. Currently, learning to skate is the activity where I find myself making the most “Pain vs. Pleasure” choices.

Last night I went out to Daddies Boardshop to learn how to skate a mini ramp. I was sucking, couldn’t get myself to drop in until my friend just told me I was going next. Then I waited one more person. Still wasn’t getting it, practiced over on some quarter ramps. Then things calmed down in the ramp and I got down in the belly of it to push and practice kick turning. Things were improving! I finally got back up on the deck and dropped in. Then dropped in again. Then dropped in and finally got the turn! Made it to the other side! Turned again! So FUCKING stoked. I was beaming, looking around to my friends, with a goofy grin and hoping they’d seen me. I got up there for my next turn and nailed it again. On my final drop, I got the first turn and on the second slipped out and slammed on my ass. That one hurt, really really bad. But I was still smiling, picked up my board, and walked off the ramp to go get drinks with my friend Janessa. I can’t wait to get back in there.

Pain vs. Pleasure? Tyler doesn't know which is winning, but he did have enough time to make eye contact with the camera. [Brighton, April 2014]
Pain vs. Pleasure? Tyler doesn’t know which is winning, but he did have enough time to make eye contact with the camera. [Brighton, April 2014]

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