Creativity: Starting a New Project

Working on a new project is fun. I’ve got something in the works right now, and I’m getting really excited. I can’t disclose what it is exactly (I have to have my secrets) but I think it’s going to useful, practical, and I think it’s going to work.

I’ve been struggling to find a purpose since leaving HCSC, something that makes me feel productive, engaged and excited. A project that gives me purpose, that I feel is worthwhile and that can propel me further in the direction that I want to go. Other people are attracted to motivation, and it’s high time I serve some up for myself and everyone around me. I’ve already been told by a few people that, by discussing my idea with them, it’s inspired them to reengage in projects they’d sidelined for a while.

If all goes according to plan, I’ll end up with something that I can continue to grow, that fosters community and builds networking infrastructure between myself and my friends, and boosts up my resume. If it all goes to shit, I’ll at least have some new skills in web-building and ideas on what not to do next.

So, here it goes! Time to get tinkering…

There it is, the open road…

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