Waiting: Why I Love It

I was watching an episode recently of Anthony Bourdain‘s “No Reservations.” One of the chefs he was visiting lived very remotely, having fully from the modern fast-paced restaurant chef lifestyle. Instead, he was cooking everything with fire; vegetables buried over hot coals, a whole calf strung up over a bonfire- and serving it all family style in the backyard of his home. While they were waiting for all of the meat to cook, Anthony had a chat with the chef. It came up that the now-reclusive enjoyed, “waiting in ques.” I was struck with a sudden sense of kinship to this chef I’d never met.

Waiting in line, or waiting at the DMV or taking the bus- I love doing all of those things. I’m not kidding, I actually look forward to a doctor visit because I know I’ll have to wait beforehand. I’m not saying I enjoy waiting for hours to the point of being late to be somewhere else, but you always know you’ll have to wait a while at any of these places and so plan accordingly.

I like these times.

My brain moves so quickly most of the time from one thing to the next, to the next, to the next- I get anxious if I’m not “doing anything” and desperately, frantically, search for something that I could be doing.

What makes the difference about waiting in line at DHS is that my brain feels that I am, in fact, doing something, and there’s no need to panic. It can sit, placated, and let me read, or let my mind wander, or people watch for half an hour. At the end of the waiting, I’ve gained something new, and so the waiting really was part of an accomplishment.

So I say, “Hell Yeah!” to long waits at the dentist. They give me a real breather from everyday life.


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