Movie Premier: Seth Hill’s, “Really Gotta Wanna”


I went to Seth HIll’s Portland premier of his movie, “Really Gotta Wanna.” It was good- I guage snowboard movies a lot on the gut feeling of whether I want to go snowboarding after watching it, and if I would be excited to watch it again. After seeing his movie, I wanted to go snowboarding and I wanted to watch it again.

The movie is more, “Discovery Channel Snowboarding,” than, “Cool-Kid Snowboard Movie,” and I like it- it works. How many times have I come across a mainstream media outlet trying to feature the niche topic of snowboarding and liked it? Basically none. But this movie would work for that- if I came across it while curled up on my couch channel-surfing, I would stop and watch it.

Seth explains the snowboard setting for a crowd that might not have a clue, but keeps the content engaging enough for those of us who really know what’s going on. I coul see myself settling down for a wednesdy night to watch this as a cabel network special and, instead of feeling like I want to shoot myself in the head (as usually happens when a mainstream media outlet tries to feature the niche topic of snowboarding), I would really enjoy it. So, good job Seth. I Really Wanna watch this movie again.


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