Cafe: Little T Baker

I love walking down the street from my house to Little T Baker. It’s been a favorite spot of mine since I first moved to the east side of portland back in 2009, and I’m still in love with it.

My favorite part of spending a late morning working on my computer at the window is watching people come buy their weekly bread. Families, couples, single patrons- they wander in through the big double glass doors and line up at the counter to collect their yeasty wares. The cashier takes their request, snags the crispy loaf and bundles it up in brown butcher paper- folding the wrappings up and securing the casing with a small branded sliver of tape.

The customer smiles, takes their bread and casually finds their way back out those double glass doors. The whole process feels comfortable, feels real, feels connected. The patron appreciates good food and knows what they prefer to snack on. Little T is powered by a passion for pastry and bread, and it shows. The baker needs the customer and the customer loves the baker- it’s whole.


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