Last Night’s Dream: 10/8/2014

There was a beach premier in California of the new Burton snowboard movie. I met some friends who were all surf coach chicks and followed them down to the piers. We jumped off of them into the warm pacific ocean waters. I followed them off higher and higher docks, until we reached one that made me stagger back. It was probably 40 feet and higher than anything I’d ever jumped off of before. My new friend plunged ahead of me. I took a deep breath. Then jumped, pre-bracing myself for the impact. I screamed. No sound. I hit the water and easily found the surface- I was smiling, it had been a real rush.

Someone grabbed me underneath the water. They pulled me down- I couldn’t breath water but I somehow gasped a few breaths. My new surf friends were quick to react and pulled my attacker off me underneath the water then dragged her into shallow waters. One of them held head down as she had held me under. I walked up onto the beach.

A group of guys were lounging on the beach, inflating giant balloon-animal kites. They swirled around above us and I cozied up next to one of the guys holding the rope of an animal. They were gigantic, probably 25 ft long. Mostly dogs, different shades of brown. The premier started. I was looking for another one of my guy friends. I kept seeing him in the crowd, or in the dunes, but he never came over to me. I wanted to talk to him, to sit next to him, but he never fully emerged from the crowds. My surfer-coach friends hung out on a railing, attaching sunblock tubes to the metal with clips and gazing up at the snowboard screen.

I woke up.


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