Organization: How Daily Planners Changed My Life

It’s amazing how much having (and using) something as simple as a daily planner has literally turned my life around. I was stuck in limbo for a while, not being able to follow through with things, missing deadlines, events, mixing up my work schedule- disorganization in general.

Now I have my daily planner. My friend Amanda picked it up for me from Fred Meyer over the summer (I don’t think I’ve paid her back yet…oops) and I’ve been using it ever since. She was the one who inspired me to use it- Amanda is a babe of many talents and is continuously, relentlessly, working on foremost undertakings of every kind. During a brief stint of living in her hallway I got to see first-hand how many calendars, checklists and color-coding dry erase markers she used to keep herself on track. It was eye-opening (and awesome).

My planner has worked magic for me- I can make a list and check items off of it. I can go back in days to see what I didn’t finish a day or two ago. I add reminders about bills. I have an idea of what my expenses are and what my budget should be. I have better relationships with my friends (because I don’t accidentally flake on them or double-book my plans). I have a yoga schedule and I stick to it!

Overall, I know now that I can’t live without a planner again. Life without it is chaos for me and my life is already chaotic enough on it’s own (thanks to my belief that it IS humanly possible for me to do everything, all at once). While I don’t know who is responsible for creating the first daily planner, I did come across some fun facts about weekly planner formats.

So, thank you Makers of Daily Planners. You’ve helped me organize my life so I can get as close as possible to living my dream of doing everything.


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