Last Night’s Dream: 9/20/14

It’s my wedding day, but I’m confused. For some reason, I have complete and udder amnesia of the courtship with my husband-to-be. I don’t know his name. I can’t think of what he looks like. I have no recollection of who he is and why we’re getting married (or anything leading up to the wedding, for that matter)

My parents are there, along with my grandparents. I’m trying to get ready, but my dad forgot to pick up my wedding dress on the way here and there’s no time to get it now. I’m doing my hair with pink ribbons and wire because I hadn’t booked a professional to do it.

We’re on a submarine. I still haven’t seen my husband yet and all I’ve found to wear was a pink dress. I’m almost ok with it, but then I start thinking about how this should be the only wedding day of my life. And I’m sad. Forlorn. I don’t know my fiancé’s face and I don’t have a white dress. I’m sitting in the poop deck arena. My grandparents are trying to reassure me. We delay the ceremony an hour.

I’m looking for something around the submarine, maybe make-up? I still can’t believe I have no memories of my husband-to-be bubbling up to the surface of my thoughts. I’m wandering.

I don’t want to delay until tomorrow, but there seems to be no choice. We’re missing something and things aren’t ready yet. I wonder how long my fiancé will wait. I still have yet to see him. It’s our wedding day, after all, and that would be bad luck.


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