Last Night’s Dream: 9/12/14

I really love my waterproof mascara, but it sometimes will flake off and get stuck in my eye. That’s why they invented a new one of the same kind that won’t EVER get in your eye. IMG_8921.JPG

I was working in a town that was similar to camp but also Salt Lake City. I looked out of the backseat window from the car and saw three guys skating. I thought that I should know them, and sure enough I recognized my friend Mamba. I shouted to him when he was close. He looked at me and I realized he wasn’t my friend Mamba Goo, but an older man of the same name that I didn’t know.


We were sitting on a roof top at night, having escaped the post-wedding venemous snakes by stomping them to death. My friend Liz lit a firework that was in a soda can and pointed it behind her. It shot out and straight into a telephone pole behind us. The firework was spectacular but the telephone pole had now caught in fire and we had to scram so as not to get in trouble.



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