Mile High Club (V 2.0)

No- sorry, I may have mislead you with the title. This is not a post about me getting close and cozy with partner on an airplane.

Instead, I’m referring to drinking.

Ever since I turned 21 I’ve been excited about the prospect of being able to get drunk on a flight. Four hour layover to six hour flight? Let’s get wasted, we’ve got a DD! Unfortunately, my plans for airplane party domination have been stunted due to a… Lack of funding. This isn’t to say I’ve never had a drink in the airport, but I’ll be honest- it always stops right there. Do you know how expensive liquor and booze is while traveling?! Vendors know they have a captive audience, and know that their market is either well-enough off to necessitate frequent travel, or they’re on vacation and don’t give two shakes of martini mixer. Sadly for me- I travel often and am often broke.

But today was different (in that I did what a lot of people do- plan ahead). A quick stop to the local liquor store and a complimentary tonic were all I needed to get sufficiently buzzed at 32,014ft. I got three tasty cocktails for less that the price of one on an airplane. I don’t know if it’s my east coast Jewish heritage, but a big part of me is extremely proud of this thrifty (and rewarding!) accomplishment.

And yes, I am writing this halfway through drink number two. They hit you a lot harder at 30,000 ft…


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