End of (My Own) Homelessness

Guess what. I haven’t had a room to myself that I know I won’t have to move out of two weeks later since… May 2012. It’s November, in the year 2013. That’s a little bit of time. Granted, the reasons for me not having a real home for that long have been amazing; getting to work my first (and then second) summer at High Cascade, moving in with my best friend’s one-room studio to save on rent (my bed was a door set on suitcases and covered with camping pads), then launching from Portland on what turned into a four-month long road trip where I traveled all across the western US, then to Alaska and finally stopping off in Hawaii before returning to Portland. THEN, once back in Portland I flew off to the east coast for my little sister’s college graduation, came back to Portland, went to camp for the second summer, moved back to portland for a bit and into a room that was a hallway (but an awesome hallway), linked up with my sister for a road trip down through cali and out to Utah, crashed in another friend’s (also awesome) hallway and now have FINALLY made it here, to my new home, with awesome housemates and two stupidly cute dogs. And I am so happy. Also, it’s already snowed a couple times since I’ve been here. I am in paradise.

Pretty soon the resorts will be covered in snow around Salt Lake and I’ll get to ride a whole mountain again, top to bottom! I can’t wait. I’ve also already been brainstorming about trips I want to take this year; back to AK, up to Colorado, out again to Montana. I had such an amazing time last year I feel like I just have to do it again.

But for now, I’m going to finish setting up my room (I don’t exactly have a matress yet) and enjoy looking at the snow on top of the mountains just outside the window. Guys, I’m getting stoked.

SLC home



p.s. thanks rachel for driving out with me, and madison, tyler, pops, rambler, maya, preacher for being cool house kids (and pretty soon nirvana).