The Motivation Vs. Procrastination Game

Today I go over to my best friends’ parent’s basement and go through all of my things that have been stored there since last February. I’m excited to see what clothes I have there that I’ve forgotten about, but I am not excited about packing. Why is it always so hard to get excited about packing? I know I have to get it done in order to get out to the next great adventure, but there is something so unmotivating about knowing I have to do it. I need to find a packing service I can pay in free hats and mini gatorades (cause I have a lot of those, but I don’t have a ton of money. There has to be some way to cash those in..)

One thing I can use as motivation is that my sister (Rachel!) will be flying in to the portland airport on thrusday, where I will pick her up and then start the road trip out to Salt Lake City! I am seriously excited for that; a carful of Kuklinskis out in the wild, seeking adventure and couches to crash on. It’s gonna be awesome.

Well, I suppose that should be enough motivation to get me off the floor and moving. You didn’t get me this time, procrastination. But I guess there always is next time…


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