Caffeine, Sugar –> To-Do Lists

Seriously, all I’ve consumed so far today has been either caffeine or sugar. I guess if you consider the milk in my latte I’ve had some calcium as well, but I don’t think that really counts for much.

I have, however, made a major dent in my to-do list before I take off.  Laundry, an oil change, grabbing the last paycheck from U.S. Outdoor, Picking up my *new* splitboard (with pegasus unicorns on it) and, most exciting of all…


That’s right; the girl who hasn’t had a real room to herself since November 2012 is actually going to live in a house again, in her own room. One that isn’t shared, one where people don’t need to walk through it to get to their room, and one where she knows she doesn’t have to move out of it every other week. Man. This girl is stoked. Also, there’s a dog, which is a major bonus.


The Motivation Vs. Procrastination Game

Today I go over to my best friends’ parent’s basement and go through all of my things that have been stored there since last February. I’m excited to see what clothes I have there that I’ve forgotten about, but I am not excited about packing. Why is it always so hard to get excited about packing? I know I have to get it done in order to get out to the next great adventure, but there is something so unmotivating about knowing I have to do it. I need to find a packing service I can pay in free hats and mini gatorades (cause I have a lot of those, but I don’t have a ton of money. There has to be some way to cash those in..)

One thing I can use as motivation is that my sister (Rachel!) will be flying in to the portland airport on thrusday, where I will pick her up and then start the road trip out to Salt Lake City! I am seriously excited for that; a carful of Kuklinskis out in the wild, seeking adventure and couches to crash on. It’s gonna be awesome.

Well, I suppose that should be enough motivation to get me off the floor and moving. You didn’t get me this time, procrastination. But I guess there always is next time…